The Annual My Money Matters MegaFest mission is to attract, inspire, educate, and empower people living in the Twin Cities Urban Core to Get Out of Poverty.

This is the biggest financial empowerment event of the year and your opportunity to learn amazing techniques to grow your money, erase your debt, build your credit, and reach your financial goals with experts in your community.

Sign up today for FREE access to local connections, information, resources, and tools that YOU need to make, manage, grow, and protect YOUR money.

It's time to create your personal pathway to prosperity.

  • Visit the Opportunity Zone and network with hiring and admission recruiters offering living wage career, training and education opportunities and/or talk with experts to create your personal pathway for your six-figure income goals.
  • Visit the Money Zone and network with financial experts providing advice on increasing your income and savings, building credit and eliminating debt, investment education and other resources.
  • Visit the Wealth Building Zone for expert guidance and resources on sustainable wealth building and legacy creation with a strong emphasis on home ownership and long-term financial planning.
  • Visit the Protection Zone and connect with expert guidance, resources, and tools for asset and identity protection; emergency preparedness and disaster recovery resources.

Register today and get ready for an evening filled with financial empowerment, information, and resources.